MN T-Girls You’ll find wonderful communities for crossdressers and people who tend to be transgender in Twin metropolises.

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MN T-Girls You’ll find wonderful communities for crossdressers and people who tend to be transgender in Twin metropolises.

I’ve come frequenting CLCC on / off over the past month or two. Minneapolis has a local Tri-Ess section and several PFLAG groups and label aswell.

In November 2013, We begun a fresh class for crossdressers in Minnesota. The people is called…MN T-Girls!

We see monthly and have fun! Shopping, creating lunch, obtaining all of our fingernails completed, seeing an art gallery, going to a movie…the aim of the group will be check-out personal recreation and obtain aside to the real-world!

If you would like becoming part of this community, kindly look at the directions below and email me at [email protected]


If you are thinking about joining the MN T-Girls please take note of two things:

I’m not planning feminize your. I shall maybe not see that help you with the makeup products or provide you with garments to put on. You can find services in Twin towns and cities you are able to look for that will render these services for you personally.

I will be unable to give you a coach. I have a lot of email from men and women inquiring that I give them contact details with an ongoing MN T-Girls who is able to advice about make-up and a wardrobe. I’ll perhaps not repeat this. The confidentiality and security on the people are my greatest consideration.

When sending your own e-mail to become area of the class, please establish yourself. Merely saying “I like to decorate and would like to join” isn’t adequate. I’d will get acquainted with you. Let me know more and more your self.

The MN T-Girls is NOT a fetish group, neither is it friends for those to hook up. These formula become strictly enforced and people is questioned to esteem the stability associated with team.

If for example the e-mail requesting to participate relates to how turned on you obtain while wearing underwear or nothing along those lines, i will be nervous this is not necessarily the party for you.

Also, please note the cluster is actually for those who identify as trans but the majority of users push her spouses and lovers. This will be stimulated! However, if you’re joining the party since you are looking to satisfy and date a t-girl, please have a look somewhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who’re you?

First and foremost, I am Hannah and I also determine as transgender. I live about 80% of my entire life as a happily married male. Others 20percent of my life I reside as Hannah.

MN T-Girls is here to create knowing of crossdressers and transgender people in Minnesota.

The audience is here to display the whole world that we ARE PRESENT. We are GENUINE those who reside wonderful physical lives much more than one sex. Many of us are husbands, dads, brothers and sons. We are also beautiful babes whenever we want to be, whether definitely several sundays 30 days or day-after-day. We are all at various phase inside our lives…some folks have actually transitioned, most are out the very first time, many of us only like dressing up a few times per month. All are pleasant. We are here to offer support and relationship to others like united states. We shall render new friends and have a great time! We will shop, we shall have our nails finished, visit motion pictures, go out for drinks, plus!

I’ve never ever left my house dressed, what might your enjoy?

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