Aferfi contributes to continuous development of technological expertise of Portuguese textile market global

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Aferfi contributes to continuous development of technological expertise of Portuguese textile market global

A. Ferreira & Filhos, S. The.


Based in 1980 A. Ferreira & Filhos, SA (AFF) is children had company expert in knitted items.

Studies, Development & Inovation

Aferfi contributes to constant development of scientific know-how of the Portuguese fabric sector in the world.

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The R&DI office of A. Ferreira elizabeth Filhos e proud to demonstrate its newest product pertaining to E-Textiles.

This developing has already been answered various other publications yet, it is usually a pride when a developing moves to something line with such sleek and well-fitting details.

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From 06/12/2017 A. Ferreira & Filhos belongs to COTEC’s community of revolutionary SMEs. This difference are associated with the outcome of innovation yards submitted through the development rating device. The official announcement was created past in the Calouste Gulbenkian basis in Lisbon within SME Innovation encounter advertised by COTEC-BPI.

Within occasion, the champions associated with delivered From facts and SME advancement honors comprise revealed. This distinction try received with big pride inside our trip along with the pledge of continuing this work towards distinction in addition to generation of new insights.

The textile industry is thriving and fast-growing. This progress is partially because of the business’s capacity to make competitive options for other technological groups, where factors pertaining to innovation, engineering and development give rise to new developments and brand new methodologies.

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The strategic aim of the AFF will be strengthen the internationalization with an unique focus on Wedoble brand name products for involvement in fairs during the market, business objectives for prospecting and advertising in shows, online and web marketing, etc. so that you can reach and/or combine the career in target marketplaces.

You can read the application form RIGHT HERE (Portuguese).

Physical violence and personal uncertainty throughout the last few years in European countries is a vital framework for topic in which immediate needs for intervention are necessary. Inside 53 region protected by the European Delegation of the World Heh Organization (WHO) this subject is definitely a hot topic.

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Fabrics that will heat up are not novelty, yet their particular generation optimization results in a number of competitive characteristics regarding rates, opportunity consumption, models and malleability. The employment of the connected aggressive benefits of Weft knitting technologies enables to improve the production stages of E-Textiles.

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On the basis of the functioning could be the needle individual activation generating a communicating between needles as well as their particular needle-bed capable of producing activities, graphic impact (bi or three-dimensional) and other fascinating functional properties.The fascination with Technical fabrics keeps growing quickly combined with developing / manufacturing / availability of technical fabric and yarns with the most diverse features and attributes.

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Auxetic content bring an adverse Poisson’s coefficient. This causes these products, whenever pulled (traction), to grow their cross-section. In non-auxetic actions, this point decreases.This amazing actions increase the results resistance of the resources, for they augment an easy strength dissipation in their framework.

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Weft knitting show itself become a multipurpose generation techniques when it comes to constitution, inner architectural structure and multi-functionality possibilities. Their Needle-to-needle activation, allows reaching high-quality materials, remarkable appearance expectations and a few some other high effect land.

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Antonio Ferreira & Filhos (AFF) desires Wedoble to cultivate 50percent annually until 2019, the entire year in which they anticipates to sell 200,000 items of its very own make of kids clothes.

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A.Ferreira & Filhos, S.A. had been the protagonist regarding the plan “E bem feito” of Porto Canal, which highlights companies that produce with high quality in Portugal.

We have lately uploaded regarding the “crossbreed Tower” plan, to which AFF generated an essential contribution. The architectural build got on tv show during the 2016 model of Contextile – Biennial of modern fabric artwork in Guimaraes until October 2016. Now your panels receives praise from prestigious Design growth digital journal.